Volunteer Application

Completing and returning this application promptly will help us place you with a troop or program as quickly as possible. But remember, you cannot meet with girls until GSKH has approved the application and notified you of your volunteer status. If you have not heard from us within ten business days of submitting your application, please call for an update on your application.

All applications expire after three (3) years. Volunteers must submit a new application three (3) years from original application date.You can print and complete the paper version here and return it to your local office or submit your application online below.

Once you sign your name and submit your application, please wait up to one minute to be directed to the criminal background check portal. To read further details about criminal background check policies, click here. Use the password promise1 to enter your information in the portal.

All fields marked with a “*” in the CBC portal are required. Review all information to ensure its accuracy before proceeding. If you Quit without clicking Save, the system will not save your information.

Online Volunteer Application

Complete the below form to submit your application online.
  • Section 1 Personal Information

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  • Section 2: Volunteer Positions

  • Section 3: Finding a Volunteer Role

    Complete this section if you are not sure which volunteer position is right for you.
  • Enter "none" if not applicable.
  • Section 4: What brought you to Girl Scouts?

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  • Section 5: References

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  • Section 6: Language and Skills

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  • Section 7 Legal

    GSKH does not appoint individuals as volunteers if they are a convicted felon, a registered sex offender, or have a registered sex offender living in their household.

    Confidential Information
    Please answer the following questions.
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  • (regardless of whether the incident was confirmed or denied)
  • Section 8 Authorization for Criminal Background Search

  • Upon successful submission of this application, the page will continue to the instructions for the Criminal Background Check. It may take up to one minute. You will also receive an automatic email confirmation immediately after your application is submitted.

    By typing my name below I verify that the information I have provided is true. I consent to the criminal background check.