Troop Finance Summary Tips

If you experience difficulty submitting the Troop Finance Summary online, please try the following:
1. If you fill in your information, hit “Submit,” and can still see the form, it did not submit successfully. You will most likely see large red letters next to empty/incorrect fields that direct you how to enter the information. For example, it may say “Letters Only” if you entered numbers into the Service Unit name, or “Please Select Just One” if you selected two Troops, or “Required Entry” if you did not fill something in that is required. Please fill in all required fields correctly and hit Submit again.

2. If you hit “Submit,” and see a screen that says, “Thank you for submitting your Finance Summary. If you do not receive an email confirmation in regards to your submission please contact Aimee Versch at (316) 684-6531,” this means your form has successfully submitted.

3. If you do not receive an e-mail confirmation, it may be that you didn’t enter your own e-mail on the form, or you may have entered it incorrectly. It could also mean that the confirmation e-mail went to your Junk Mail.

4. If you have tried unsuccessfully to submit an electronic form, and it’s not due to incomplete/incorrect fields, please fill out the Troop/Group Finance Summary 2014 and fax it to Aimee Versch at (316) 684-4141.