Through Girl Scout Pathways, girls have the freedom to choose among any of the Pathways to join Girl Scouting and may participate in multiple Pathways within a membership year. Girls are given the opportunity to explore their skills and interests and inspired to reach their personal best through a variety of fun and enriching leadership experiences. But more importantly, no matter where or how they participate, girls get the necessary guidance they need from adult volunteers and council staff to develop their leadership skills and understand how those skills can be used to make a difference in the world.

Girl Scout Series- These are fun-packed short term groups that meet for 4-8 sessions and focus on a specific topic of interest. Girls like to participate in a series because they can participate for a short time, schedule it around other activities and complete one or several series within a year’s time.

Girl Scout Events-Events take place in an afternoon or day and appeal to
girls of all grade levels and sometimes even include the whole family!

Events and series can be tailored around learning a new skill, teambuilding, exploring culture, completing a Take Action project in the community and more. In Girl Scouts we say “If she can think it, she can do it!”

Girl Scout Camps-Outdoor fun and learning is a very traditional Girl Scout activity that many girls enjoy! Camps and day camps are offered in many areas of the council at camp properties and other suitable sites.

Girl Scout Troops- The troop option is still very appealing to many girls and is often the best option for girls in Kindergarten through 5th grade. These girls love to socialize in small groups and do things together. In a troop they meet often throughout the year, earn badges together, go places, have sleepovers, complete Take Action projects, learn entrepreneurship, and plan together. Girls often stay in the same troop year after year as they grow.

Girl Scout Travel-Travel is much more than going places! It is an opportunity to build leadership skills through travel planning, budgeting, organizing and teamwork. Travel opportunities are progressive—starting with short localized trips for Girl Scouts in 4th-7th grade, longer, national trips for Girl Scouts in 7th – 12th grades and international trips for girls 9th-12th grades.

Girl Scout Virtual – Girls participate in interactive, high-quality program activities in a safe, secure, online environment supplemented by live events (in development).