Individual Girl Member (IGM)

The IGM Corner

Information for Individual Girl Members

What is an IGM?

An IGM is an Individual Girl Member in Girl Scouts – that’s any girl who signs up to be a Girl Scout without the commitment of joining a troop. There are many reasons to be an IGM, and there are TONS of ways for IGMs to participate in Girl Scouts.

The IGM program is designed to meet the busy lifestyle of today’s girls. Any girl in grades K-12 can choose to participate as an IGM. Girls might become IGMs because the troop program doesn’t fit in their schedule or interests, or girls may sign up as IGMs because there is not an available troop in their area (yet!).

IGMs have the same opportunities for activities that girls in troops have. IGMs can pick and choose how to participate in Girl Scouts, including council events, service unit events, community service projects, camp, travel, series, product sales, and more!

OK! How do I get started?

First, sign up. You must be a Girl Scout member to do all the fun things Girl Scouts has to offer. There are many exciting opportunities and adventures to explore while Girl Scouting. You can sign up online or fill out this paper form now.

What can I do as an IGM?

Attend Events! You can go to activities and events throughout the council. Click on the interactive activities calendar. You can use the “Categories” option to find activities just for your age level. Here is latest printed Girl Pathway Source (GPS) Activity Guide. Or check the online calendar – Remember the most up to date information is online there. If you need a copy of the current GPS, please contact your regional office. To register for events, please click on Online Registration button found at the top of our home page at Don’t know your log-in? Call us. We can help!

Take a Journey! Leadership Journeys and the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting are the books that will lead you through fun activities, help you earn badges, show you the uniform and other great awards you can earn! Contact a council shop to find the one for your age level. Partner with an adult or an older Girl Scout to help you work through the books.   When picking a journey, make sure you get the leader guide too!

Take a trip! Is traveling your passion? Check out the opportunities on the travel page! We have many council planned travel trips for girls who are in fourth grade or older.

Camps! Most of our camps are not troop-dependent. Find one that works for you and sign up. Up-to-date information is online on the Actvities & Trainings Calendar – Girl Activities. Camps are available across the council, and older girls can sign up for leadership positions at camp! We have camp opportunities throughout the year, not just summer.

Cookies & More! Yes, you can sell cookies and our fall products. You can learn how to run your own business. You will learn the five key skills while earning Cookie Credits to support your Girl Scout experience! IGM girls earn Cookie Credits differently than girls in a troop. Click here for the IGM Product Sales Information Sheet.

What you earn: Cookie Credits – These can be spent on events, camps, travel and items in the shop like uniforms and books. To participate or find more information about product sales, click here or contact your regional office.

Earn Awards! Bronze-Silver-Gold  - These prestigious awards are just for girls in fourth grade or older. You can pick an issue/project that matters to you and make a difference! Get started by going to the Awards Page.

How do IGMs connect with their community for activities or other girls?

IGMs and parents or advisors can attend volunteer-led events and meetings throughout the year. You can be assigned to a service unit in your community.

What is a Service Unit? A service unit is a way for girls, volunteers and adults to connect together. Approximately once a month, volunteer teams get together to plan activities for Girl Scouts within their community, share ideas and resources, and connect with each other. Service units will also reach out to IGMs and their parents to invite them to local events and activities. You can attend these meetings to help plan, learn more, and provide feedback.

To connect with your local community of Girl Scouts, please contact our Product Sales team at (316) 684-6531 with the following information: county, school and home zip code. You can see a council map showing service unit boundaries here.

We will connect you with your local community, so you don’t miss a thing!

You can also get the Volunteer Connect newsletter. This will keep you posted on upcoming council events, trainings and more that may help you achieve your goals as an IGM. As an adult of an IGM Girl Scout, you, in a way, are acting as a volunteer. Click here to subscribe.