Train Girl Scouts to be a Program Aide

Program Aide Training – The Adult Facilitating Guide

The Program Aide training is available to any registered adult interested in facilitating this course. Adults do not need any special training to facilitate this course. It was designed to make PA training available to all girls in every region.

Program Aide’s are Girl Scout Cadettes interested in working with younger Girl Scouts.  A PA is a girl who uses leadership skills to share her interests and experiences with younger girls in a troop, group or camp setting.

These trainings typically consists of approximately 3 hours of core training.

For general inquiries about PA, please contact program staff at

Step 1: Review the outline and resources for the training.

Step 2: Welcome girls to the training and explain the course

Step 3: Facilitate the training encouraging discussion.

Step 4: Have girls complete the Program Aide Training quiz.

Step 5: Girls find opportunities to work with younger Girl Scouts in your community.

Step 6: Use your Program Aide training at Girl Scout events, with a younger troop in your community, and summer camp!


PA Course Outline/Lesson Plan

PA Sample Sessions

About the Girls (for PA’s)

Human Treasure Hunt Ice Breaker

Leading the Girls (for PA’s)

Program Aide Bingo

Program Aide Course Evaluation (Cadette Survey)

Program Aide Key Concepts

Reflections on the PA Training

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience