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It’s All in the Family
Family support is the key to success. Girls have greater
success in Girl Scout Cookie Programactivities when
supporting adults are informed and involved. These tips
will help you turn “cookie time” into “family time” and
provide important ways you can guide and support her
to cookie success!
Girl Scout
Tell theworldyousupportGirl Scout cookieactivities. Let theworldknowthat you’reaproudCookie
parent, grandparent, sibling, friendor other!
Theseone-of-a-kindsupportmessagescanbesharedvia socialmediaor downloaded for printing. Post
as your Facebook timelinecover or useas your profilepic. ShareonPinterest. Tweet it. Or, download
andprint tocreatestickersormakebuttons. Thepossibilities areendless!
Look for postingsonour Facebookpage,
go to:
and look in thesegroupings:
13-14Scout Shouts
FacebookCover Photos
12-13Scout Shouts
Facebook cover photo
HelpyourGirl ScoutSucceed:
AttendherTroop’scookie training
Workwithher toset goalsandkeep trackof
her progress
Encourageher tomakea telephoneor email
contact list of her friendsand family
Coachher inselling techniques, including
howtoshareher goals, andsuggest additional
reasons topurchasecookies
AccompanyyourGirl Scout tosupport her as
Discusshowyoucanhelpher reachher goals,
suchas giving rideswhensheneeds themor
safeguardingher cookiemoney
AllowyourGirl Scout toparticipate inabooth
saleandvolunteer tohelp
Checkonher progressduring thesale
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