ShoutOut Q1 2014 - page 5

Changing theworld— itmay sound likea
huge job, but that’swhatGirl Scoutsdoevery
daywitheverypositivedecision theymake.
Spreadingagoodattitude.Working tohelp
people inneed. Taking steps tobecareful with
our planet. Theseare just a fewof the thingsGirl
Scouts aredoing tochange theworld—and the
cookiesale ishelping themmake it happen.
TheGirl ScoutCookiesale is teaching girlshow
to takecontrol of situations andserveas a leader
for change. Theyare learning the5Skills—goal
setting, decisionmaking,moneymanagement,
peopleskills, andbusinessethics. Theseareskills
theycancarrywith themfor a lifetimeof success.
She can...
We’re making a difference one box of cookies at a time!
The Cookie Share program allows customers to donate cookies to
our military troops and their families, Catholic Charities, Kansas Food
Bank, and local food pantries.
It’s easy to participate!
When selling, ask customers if they would like to purchase extra
packages of cookies to donate.
Customers complete a Cookie Share receipt.
Turn in Cookie Share receipts andmoney to your Troop Leader.
The Council delivers the cookies to the recipients.
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