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We are ready for another
This year, girls will continue to receive the benefit of having
packages of cookies on hand to sell door-to-door and to
family and friends from the first day of the Cookie Sale. Due
to the success of the Cookies NOW! selling format, it’s back
for a second year!
Nomore taking orders, waiting weeks and then returning to
deliver and collect money. Cookies NOW! condenses all that
work into one easy step.
How many cookies will girls receive?
Work with your Troop Leader to determine howmany packages of each variety to pick-up initially.
Consider howmany you sold last year, (average was 216 packages per girl), your goal, and how
many packages you want to be responsible for at a time. Note: Cookies may not be returned to
the Troop or the Council.
You can pick up additional
cookies from your Troop Leader
as you sell more.
What are the benefits of Direct Sales?
• It’s less time consuming for Girl Scout families.
• It combines order taking and delivery into one step.
• It gives girls the opportunity to sell more cookies and
earnmore proceeds for their scouting activities.
• It gives customers instant cookie gratification.
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