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skills areprojected togrowbymore
than20percent in thenext decade.
Unfortunately, girlsbegin to lose
confidenceand interest inscience
andmathduringmiddleschool, which
iswhyGirl Scouts is so important.
What isOutreach?Outreach
programs focusonservingat-risk and
underservedgirls gradesK through
5, largely inTitle I schools, because
every girl deserves thechance tobea
Girl Scout.
With this generous support fromthe
Cargill CaresCouncil,many girlswill
prepare for a successful future. Join
us in thankingCargill Cares as they
provideopportunities forGirl Scouts
inKansas to learnmoreabout STEM
careers, science, financial literacy,
healthy living, leadership, respect
andcompassion for others–all while
makingnewfriends andbuilding
memories to last a lifetime
throughGirl Scout Journeys.
STEM Boost
Cargill Cares
Girl Scoutsof KansasHeartland is
pleased toannounceagift of
$20,000 fromCargill Cares.
This fundingwill beused to
providedirect support to
thegirlsparticipating in the
Technology, Engineering,
andMath) andOutreach
programs in2014.
WhydoweneedSTEM in
Girl Scouting? Jobs that
requirecomputer andmath
Debbie Nece fromCargill Cares presents the check to Girl Scout representatives LizWorkman (CEO),
Amber Hendrix (Fund Development Strategy Director), and StacyWard Lattin (Wichita Regional Manager).
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