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Kala Pinkham,
a 2013 senior at
Derby High School, focused her
Gold Award project on teaching
others in her community about
the different communication
style of the deaf and hard of
hearing. Kala shared, “I’ve learned
I canmake a difference and
that I was able to encourage,
educate and inspire others through classes I taught
and by being a positive example to others I met.”
Kala developed curriculum, advertised and taught
classes on American Sign Language to bridge
discussions about this type of communication.
Diana Stanley
(not pictured)
is a 2013 graduate of
Bishop Caroll High School inWichita. Her Gold Award
project induced the remodel of the Museumof World
Treasure’s Education Roomalong with developing
an education program for themuseum’s youth
attendees. Diana rerouted the room to enter in a
more child-friendly way and turned a previous office
space into a classroom researching age appropriate
material and including famous women in history.
Diana shared, “I learned how to break down large
problems. I can use this in a leadership capacity to
delegate tasks in a more effectively utilized team.”
Alice Tunks-Jones
Caitlin Hook
(not pictured)
Emporia High School graduates,
collaborated to bring their
Give a Little – Help A
, to the their community.
The goal of this Gold Award
was to provide students with
necessary school supplies to
succeed academically. They recognized that not all
families can afford such basic needs and they were
called to action. Both girls listed timemanagement
as a large lesson and shared that school staff was
very grateful that the supplies would fulfill a need
that they see each year. Alice commented, “ I have
never felt more connected tomy community.”
A joint venture by four Belleville
Girl Scouts brought activity to an
entire town.
Kelby Johnson
Jacyln Sheets
(not pictured),
Abbey Anderson
Jayden Jackson
(not pictured)
combined their projects to
bring a sand volleyball court to
their community. Linking their
project nationally and globally to
the Olympics, they introduced
a sport for all ages to enjoy
through a communal tournament.
These eager Girl Scouts took
steps tomeet with the city
manager, city council members
and other community groups
forming a sustainable project.
Note: Joint Gold Award project proposals are no
longer accepted by GSUSA Standards as of 2012.
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