Cookie College Success in 2013
The annual Cookie College allows girls to participate in
activities that will help thembecome successful sellers
during the upcoming Cookie Program. They learn the
basics of goal setting, how to create a sales pitch, and
Daisies to Cadettes, along with volunteers came together
for their first session into earning their My Promise My Faith
award at St. John’s Missionary Baptist Church in Salina.
They worked on the Girl Scout Promise and Law and how it
connects to their Faith.
Derby Girl Scouts want to thank Mr. Paul andWestar Energy for
helping them learn how to be energy efficient! Mr. Paul made
a fantastic display to show the girls how different light bulbs
pull different amounts of energy! They are working on the Get
Moving! Journey.
How do you up-cycle cookie case boxes? With Cookie Couture,
of course! Kya , Autumn , Vivian , Lexus , Rilynn , and Baleigh of
Goodland found fun in breaking down their boxes.
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