Traci Plumlee - Northern Star, Iola
Angela Soukup - Cowley County, Winfield
Kevin Lambdin - Cowley County, Arkansas City
Stacy Ryder - Wichita Northwest, Wichita
Jennifer Fawcett - Sedgwick CountyWest, Goddard
Heather Ballinger - Sedgwick CountyWest, Wichita
Miscy Reeser - WichitaWest, Wichita
Elizabeth Ragland - Sedgwick County Southwest, Haysville
Allie Losey - Sedgwick County Southwest, Wichita
Sally Cox - Sumner County, Belle Plaine
Samantha Saville - Sedgwick County Southeast, Mulvane
Sarah Pinkham - Sedgwick County Southeast, Derby
Susan Martin - Wichita East, Wichita
Rhonda Levardi - Wichita East, Maize
Elaine Harrington - Wichita Northeast, Wichita
Kristin Gayden - Wichita Northeast, Wellington
Laura McLaughlin - Wichita North, Wichita
Christina House - Sedgwick County North, Valley Center
Victoria Gibson - Specialty Troops, Wichita
AllisonWright - Specialty Troops, Wichita
Appreciation Pin
Trina Mays - Sunflower Borders, Wallace
Beth Burke - Sunflower Central, Larned
Edie McQuade - Victory Rock, Russell
Jeniffer Himelrick - On the Edge, Anthony
Carra Mayberry - On the Edge, Kiowa
Diana Sawaya - Reno County, Hutchinson
Kathie Crispin - PrairieWinds, Lincoln
Susan Faler - Flint Hills, Emporia
Carolyn Sattler - Flint Hills, Emporia
Amy Huizenga - Tri-Lakes, Overbrook
Jenna Hielscher - Tri-Lakes, Overbrook
Tammy Hutchison - Cowley County, Arkansas City
Brandi Rising - Cowley County, Winfield
Dustyn Morgan - Wichita Northwest, Wichita
ShannonWelch - Wichita Northwest, Wichita
Joey Bamberger - Sedgwick CountyWest, Goddard
Kristy Plotner - Sedgwick CountyWest, Wichita
Melissa Losey - Sedgwick County Southwest, Wichita
Kelly Snow - Sedgwick County Southeast, Haysville
LisaWilson - Wichita East, Wichita
TrishaWalls - Butler CountyWest, Rose Hill
Dani Van Arsdale - Butler CountyWest, Andover
Honor Pin
Vicky Chessmore - NWPrairie Girls, Atwood
Jamie Schnaithman - Tumbleweed, Garden City
Larissa Graham - Sunflower Central, Great Bend
Diana Staab - Victory Rock, Hays
Latisha Haag - Victory Rock, Ellis
Sue Jorns – Ninnescah, Pratt
Mary Ellen Harding - On the Edge, Harper
Joyce Kaup - On the Edge, Anthony
Heather Betzold –Wheatland, Alton
Lynn Archer - Butler CountyWest, Andover
Robert Lee - Wichita East, Wichita
Rosemary Gangel - Butler CountyWest, Wichita
Lynne Chappell - Sedgwick County North, Wichita
Thanks Badge
RobinArmfield -HarveyCounty, Sedgwick
Regional Awards
The Meierhoff, Fanestil, andWheatbelt Service
Awards recognize outstanding service in support of
Girl Scouts in specific geographic regions.
Fanestil: RebeccaColtrane - Tri-Lakes, Overbrook
Meierhoff: ZekeCheever - FlintHills, Emporia
Wheatbelt Service: Cheryl Kernohan -On theEdge, Attica
President’s Award
The President’s Award is for an entire service delivery
teamor committee whose support of Girl Scouts
leads to a significant impact in reaching council goals.
Sedgwick County Southeast Service Unit Team
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