Can you do the Can-Can?
The Scout/Council Challenge is a
nationwide environmental fundraiser
with prizemoney and rewards/awards.
The contest starts on January 15 each
year and runs through April 30with
receipts or Great AmericanCan
Roundup Log Sheet/Verification Forms
due byMay 15. Girl Scouts can register
and find
everything needed for a successful
The roundup helps fight litter and save
valuable resources. Girl Scouts who
participatewill receive a patch. Girls are
encouraged to participate as a troop,
however, individual Girl Scoutsmay also
participate. Ribbons will be awarded for
the troops who bring in themost cans!
Girl Scouts recycling themost beverage
cans per capita fromJanuary 15 to April
30, 2013, will earn top recycling honors
and a total of $1,350 cash in addition to
the value of the cans.
Troop Prizes
– $500
– $300
3rd Place
– $200
4th Place
– $150
5th Place
– $100
6th Place
– $100
Individual Scout Awards/Rewards
35 lbs –
35 PoundGACRClub Patch
120 lbs –
Al theCan stuffed toy
200 lbs –
Al theCan t-shirt
300 lbs –
Cans—Infinitely Recyclable
baseball cap
400 lbs –
aluminum“collector’s edition” bottle
Troop 50044 (pictured right) from
Hutchinson, achieved the top spot and
two additional Kansas troops rounded
out the top five nationally, during the
2012Great AmericanCan Roundup
Scout Council Challenge. The challenge
is sponsored by the CanManufacturers
Institute, based inWashington, D.C.
Cars, pick-up trucks, and livestock trailers
lined up alongMain Street Hutchinson,
waiting to recycle their aluminumcans
with theGirl Scouts on the Saturday of
EarthWeek last year.
Troops 50244 of Hutchinson and 50270
of Pratt rounded out the top five spots.
Collectively, Girl Scout troops across
Kansas State Fair 2013
Use the amazing things you have worked
on this school year to show your courage,
confidence and character at the 2013 Kansas
State Fair this September in Hutchinson.
The Kansas State Fair turns 100 years old in
2013 and is scheduled for September 6-15,
2013. They are starting early to plan for this
milestone, so keep an eye open for more
details. The first official Kansas State Fair was
held in 1913, so plan to attend because this
won’t come around again....The Kansas State
Fair, “It never gets old”.
Girl Scouts are invited to submit projects for
ribbons and cash prizes. More details will be
posted to the Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland
website and to
as they
come out.
Sisters Elizabeth Ore of Troop 20107 (bottom
left) and Emily Ore of Troop 20145 (top
right), competed at the Kansas State Fair
for the first time in 2012. Both had several
entries, Elizabeth took first in photography
and quilting while Emily took second place in
handmolded objects. Way to go Girl Scouts!
Register at:
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