Participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Sale
is just the beginning. This annual event and time-honored
tradition is somuchmore than a sale—it’s about giving
girls the experience of running their own cookie business.
It’s about empowering girls with the strength, abilities,
and drive to become accomplished women who benefit
themselves, their families, and the world.
Please help your Girl Scout to:
Introduce herself as a Girl Scout
Share her cookie sales goal with her customers
Name the varieties of cookies available
State that cookies sell for $3.50 per package
Be friendly and thank customers whether they
buy cookies or not
Go door-to-door to sell to family, friends
and neighbors
Use online tools, like email and text messaging to
promote her sale
Success comes fromhaving goals. When we set
goals, we aremore likely to achieve them. Set goals
to have your best Cookie Sale ever!
We have a perfect online tool for girls to set goals
AND have fun!
Encourage girls to:
Log on to
Click on COCOCookie Command
Click on Girl Login (use your 5-digit troop
number when registering)
Set your goals and track your progress
Enter the total number of packages you
sold by March 10
By participating in this part of the Cookie Sale
Program, girls will receive the Goal Getter Patch!
Goal Getter Tips are just a click away!
Explore Abcsmartcookies.com
to find cookie
nutritional information, recipes, cookie blog, FAQ,
Visit Kansasgirlscouts.org
to print goal tracking
posters, business cards, andmore. You’ll find tools
to help you get the word out about your Cookie Sale.
Always sell with an adult or buddy. It’s not just safe,
it’s more fun!
Use only their first name and never give out their
phone number or address.
Never enter anyone’s home when selling cookies.
Do not carry large sums of money. Frequently
transfer money to an adult and keepmoney in a
safe place.
Be careful while crossing streets and watch for
cars in driveways.
Let the world know that you’re a
proud Cookie Momor Dad! Use
Girl Scout Shout Outs!
Thesemessages can be shared via
social media or downloaded for
printing. Post as a Facebook profile
pic. Share on Pinterest. Tweet it.
Or, print flyers. The possibilities
are endless! Search “Scout
Shouts” on themain website:
1,2,3 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,...16