This year, we are using a Direct Sale:
Cookies NOW!
format to
sell cookies. Girls will have packages
to sell door-to-
door to family, friends and neighbors.
Girls will exchange cookies and payment in one simple step!
Nomore taking orders, waiting weeks, and then returning to
deliver and collect money. Cookies NOW! condenses all that
work into one easy step.
Why Direct Sales?
Tomeet the desire of volunteers, parents and customers to
have a simplified Cookie Sale.
Will girls still use order cards?
Yes. Girls can use order cards to:
Take a customer’s order when she doesn’t have
the variety of cookies in-hand the customer
Take to their parents’ workplaces.
Track sales and use the information to contact
customers for reorders.
Cookies NOW! will:
less time consuming
for customers, girls, parents
and volunteers.
Reduce order and delivery to
one simple step
Give girls the opportunity to
sell more cookies
earnmore proceeds
for their scouting activities.
Give customers
instant cookie gratification.
Howmany cookies will girls receive?
Work with your Troop Leader to determine howmany
packages of each variety to pick-up initially. Consider how
many you sold last year, (average is 168 packages
per girl), your goal, and howmany packages you want to be
responsible for at a time.
Remember, you can get additional cookies from the troop
as you sell more. You’ll pay for at least 50% of the cookies
you already received before picking upmore. Cookie
Cupboards will be open during the entire sale for troops
to pick upmore cookies.
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