Use the volunteer award sheet on the next page to honor someone whomakes a difference in your Girl Scout world.
Detach andmail the form
to your local office with all
the details or go online at
complete it there. Search
volunteer award” or click
on the rotating banner as
seen on this page.
Volunteer Leadership Conference
The 2012 Northwest Kansas Volunteer Leadership Conference was a success. More than 30 volunteers attended to
learn about topics ranging from timemanagement to planning an event, series, or camp. A sneak preview was offered
on the 2013 Cookies Now Cookie Sale. Volunteers in attendance explored Sternberg Museumof Natural History, saw
STEM opportunities, and had a chance to share secrets of success with each other. If youmissed this conference,
check out the upcoming Leadership Conferences in Parsons, Garden City, or Salina.
Southeast Kansas
Nor th central Kansas
Southwest Kansas
Where: Parsons
Where: Garden City
Where: Salina
When: January 5, 2013
When: January 19, 2013
When: January 26, 2013
Time: 8:15 am to 4:30 pmSaturday (with optional overnight)
Time: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
Time: 8:30 am - 3:00 pm
Cost: $0
Cost: $0
Cost: $0
Scheduling and Logistics for Adult Trainings
To find out about upcoming courses,
please visit the events and trainings
calendar at:
Many of our learning opportunities
are regularly scheduled, months in
We can also work with volunteers
in each area to deliver learning
opportunities on an as-needed basis.
Courses are scheduled through your
Service Unit’s Volunteer Leadership
Development Organizer, or through
the council Volunteer Services Staff.
Volunteers looking to
schedule a particular
learning opportunity
in your area can
request that a course
be scheduled by
completing these steps:
Have a
minimumof five participants
will attend the course.
Choose several dates that would be
convenient for your group.
Secure the location, including key pick-
up and return, and arrange for pickup of
equipment (if needed).
Complete the formAdult Development
Request and submit it to the Volunteer
Services department a
minimumof three
before your requested date. Please
email the form to
Jennifer Amrein
Volunteer Services will work with you to
set up online registration for the training
and ensure that theminimumnumber of
participants register before the deadline.
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