MARCH 10-16, 2013
Approximately 20miles from the Colorado border this
property offers a large covered picnic area, fire ring, a
shelter building with a kitchen area, indoor restrooms
and showers, and a loft with 22 bunks. To reserve this
property, contact the Garden City Girl Scout Center
at 620-276-7061.
SUNDAY - March 10
Gi r l Scout Sunday
Spend the day embracing and celebrating your spiritual
Take part in a religious service; wear your Girl Scout
Earn the My Promise, My Faith award
Say or sing grace at ameal
MONDAY - March 1 1
Servi ce to Fami ly
Spend the day giving back to the people in your family or
your home.
Help do chores around your house
Be extra nice to your siblings. Do a good deed for them
Earn the Legacy Cook badge for your age level, and
prepare something for your family
TUESDAY - March 12
Servi ce to Communi ty
Spend the day giving back to your school, church, or any
agency that helps our community.
Take part in a flag ceremony
Earn the Community Service Bar
Do a service or take action project in your community
WEDNESDAY - March 13
Heal th and Safety Day
Spend the day learning how to incorporate healthy
living, exercise, stress relief, nutrition, and FUN into your
everyday life.)
Do at least 20minutes of exercise
Earn the Safety Award or the Legacy First Aid badge for
your age level
Eat only healthy snacks today
THURSDAY - March 14
Internat ional Fr iendship Day
Spend th day learning ow you canmake a difference in
your global community.
Learn about a country you would like to visit and cook
and prepare something from that country
Learn what WAGGGS stands for
Earn the Global Action Award
FRIDAY - March 15
Arts and Cul ture Day
Spend the day learning how to you can support the arts in
your local community.
Make a scrapbook of your family
Make a craft from recycledmaterials
Earn the Legacy Artist badge for your age level
SATURDAY - March 16
Servi ce to the Planet
Spend the day learning how you canmake a difference in
our community through conservation and ecology.
Take a scavenger hike. Play games outside with your
troop or family
Earn the Legacy Naturalist or Outdoors badge for your
age level
Groups or troops can each request a tree fromGSKH
for planting in their community
Girl Scouts celebrate Girl Scout week every year. It is a week to embrace and celebrate spiritual connections, give
service to our communities, learn how to incorporate healthy living, and learn how girls canmake a difference in the
global community.
See each day for ideas on celebrating all week long!
focus is
Service to the Planet
On Outdoors Day, Saturday, March 16, girls give service to the planet.
Girl Scouts will spend the day learning how they canmake a difference in their community through conservation and
ecology. We are partnering with the National Wildlife Federation to provide a council wide community service project.
Girl Scout troops or groups can request one tree for planting in their community.
Each troop will determine the recipient and provide all needed volunteers.
Please look for more information about this project and how you can request a tree on our website:
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 11,12,13,14,15,16