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Girl Scouts striving
The year 2012 was a tremendous one for Girl Scouts of Kansas
Heartland and for Girl Scouts throughout the country. It was the Year
of The Girl – 2012 – and Girl Scouting’s 100th Anniversary. In addition,
in 2012 Girl Scouts launched its national ToGetHerThere campaign – a
bold step to rally communities, states and the nation around a single
cause – to remove barriers that inhibit girls from reaching their full
potential, and, in a single generation, enable these girls, as women,
to become full partners in leadership positions in every sector of our
Our Girl Scout Leadership Experience provides girls opportunities to:
Develop leadership skills and build self-esteem
Develop increased environmental awareness and responsibility
Increase financial literacy
Improve health and wellness
Explore Science, Technology, Engineering &Math (STEM)
Experience arts, travel and other interests
As we end our centennial year, we look back at our many
accomplishments but we also look forward to our next 100 years. Our
focus will continue to be on our girls and our dedicated volunteers.
Our goal is to ensure that every girl throughout our 80 counties
in Kansas will have the opportunity to benefit from the Girl Scout
Leadership Experience so that she canmake a difference in her family,
her community, her country and the world. We want to provide an
outstanding leadership experience to our members – we want to give
our girls what they need in ways they want– and working together with
our volunteers, friends and partners, we will continue to build on our
successes. I invite you to join us in this promise to girls:
Every girl in this generation will reach her fullest potential.
ǤǤ Wherever she lives.
ǤǤ Whatever challenges face her.
Marlo Dolezal,
Acting CEO
Allison Ochoa
Board Chair
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