Start new friendships
Discover amazing places
Develop her creativity through activities
Be inspired by positive rolemodels
Get involvedwith her community
Reach her full potential
As a group, troops will earn badges, go
places, and participate in community projects.
These fun-packed short term groups
focus on a specific topic and can be easily
scheduled around other activities.
Events are tailored around learning a
new skill, culture exploration, teambuilding, or
many other topics for an afternoon or full day.
Overnight and day camps are offered
throughout the council, nation and worldwide.
These opportunities are progressive
and available to girls in grades 4–12. Trips
purposefully involve developing skills to plan,
budget, and organize.
Help us & have fun!
Girl Scouts couldn’t exist without the help of
volunteers whomhelp us serve our girls! As a
volunteer, you will live unforgettable experiences
with the girls while you teach, listen, and inspire
them. At the same time, your leadership skills will
have a positive impact in your community. Sign
up today and become a volunteer!
Learnmore at 1-888-472-3683
or at
Girl Scouts is the largest national leadership
organization for girls, providing themwith the
opportunity to discover their full potential.
Through classic traditions and cutting-edge
activities, girls are empowered to become
leaders today.
Girl Scout Legacy
For more than 100 years, Girl Scouts has
continually developed curriculum tomeet the
ever-changing needs of girls. Girl Scouts builds
girls of courage, confidence, and character.
One girl canmake a difference, but together,
girls can change the world.
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