Exploration Place-
Gross Camp Overnight
Girl Scout Regional Office – Garden City, KS
June 27 • 7pm– June 28 • 12pm
Age Group:
K-12th grade
What’s inside you? Examine blood, guts, gas andmore
during this slimy camp in. Yuck for all!
*Friday breakfast included.
*All girls must be accompanied by an adult.
Girls Can Fish Too!
Camp Four Winds – Leon, KS
June 29 • 10am–3pm
Age Group:
K-12th grade
Ladies, have you ever watched the boys go off for
a fishing excursion and wondered why you weren’t
invited? Maybe you wanted to see what it’s all about.
After all, who said fishing was a boy’s thing? This is
your chance; bring your dad and show him that you
can fish too! Spend themorning fishing with Kansas
Wildlife and Parks and then have an opportunity to
show off your camp in the afternoon. Take your dad
hiking, canoeing or swimming and show himwhat you
love about camp Four Winds.
*Lunch included.
*All girls must be accompanied by an adult.
Older Girl Overnight Camp
Quivera Scout Ranch – Sedan, KS
June 30 • 12pm– July 6 • 12pm
Age Group:
9th-12th grade
This week will be full of all of the water activities QSR
has to offer! Go canoeing, rowing, kayaking, sailing,
jet skiing andmuchmore! QSR also offers programs
in nature, technology, handicraft, and shooting, all of
which will be available for you to participate in. Bring a
tent and enjoy the great outdoors. All meals served in
the air-conditioned Dining Hall. Enjoy a full overnight
summer camp in the scenic Chautauqua Hills of
Southeast Kansas!
*All meals will be included.
Animals Day Camp
Starwoods Outdoor Center – Clearwater, KS
July 9 • 8am– July 12 • 5pm
Age Group:
2nd-5th grade
This camp will be about all things animals! This
week you will get to learn from the experts! You will
learn what it takes to be a real vet froma practicing
Veterinarian fromSkaer Veterninary Clinic, about
exotic animals fromTanganyika, about those pets
that need homes from the Kansas Humane Society,
andmany more still to come. Afternoons will be
spent outdoors and will include hiking and waterfront
activities among many other fun camp activities! On
Thursday bring your favorite stuffed animal to share
with your group and spend the night!
*You will need to bring a sack lunch daily Mon-Thurs.
*Thursday night dinner and Friday breakfast and lunch
*Girl Scouts earn your Pets and Animal Habitats
To Respect Myself
and Others
Victorian Etiquette and Amusements -Session 2
Old Cowtown Museum–Wichita, KS
July 9 • 1pm–3pm
Age Group:
K-1st grade
Victorian children were expected to learn and
follow the rules of society. Girls will learn how
children practiced the proper actions in the correct
circumstances. Having fun also had a strong social
message of the basics of society, and we will try some,
*Girl Scouts will earn their Gloria petal!
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