FAQs for Parents

What is important to know when making a reservation for a Girl Scout event?

Participation in any Girl Scout opportunity is optional, but when you do make a
reservation please keep the following things in mind:

  • Meeting deadlines helps us to provide excellent programs with enough supplies and personnel to manage the program.
  • Only Girl Scout members can participate unless it is a recruitment event or a family event.
  • Health information or other required forms are for the protection and safety of girls participating, not because we like paperwork!

To Troop or Not to Troop?

Traditionally and historically, all girls participated in Girl Scouts only through a troop.
Because we have so many options available and because family needs have changed over the years, some are making the choice to register their daughter/s and participate in the opportunities that fit their lifestyle and availability best.

Some things families need to know about the troop option….

  • We have more than 600 troops in our council each year that are staffed solely by volunteers who are screened, selected and placed where they are most needed. At a minimum, even small troops must have two approved Girl Scout volunteers.
  • We sometimes do not have the needed volunteers to start new troops at the beginning of the school year. Although we recruit year-round, many volunteers are being recruited at the same time girls are joining and we need time to properly screen and place them.
  • We cannot guarantee your daughter will be placed in a troop immediately. It will depend on whether we have existing troops already established and/or troop volunteers ready to start a new troop.
  • Girl Scouts who are not placed in a troop right away can still participate in Girl Scout activities while new troops are being established.
  • Learn more about how girls can participate as individual Girl Scout members here.

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