100 years after trailblazer Juliette Gordon Low founded a girl-centered leadership movement, Girl Scouts is still committed to helping girls find their personal paths to leadership.

Today, we serve girls in every zip code, from the urban areas of Wichita to the wheat fields of western Kansas. We serve Kansas girls who are homeless and who are living in poverty. We serve girls in churches, schools, and community centers across our great state.

We believe that one girl can make a difference, and that girls together can change the world. Girl Scouts is more than cookies, badges and vests. It’s a proven leadership development program that’s an investment in our future, in your future.

Together, we can help every girl discover who she can be and what she can do, connect with others locally and globally, and take action to make the world a better place.With your help, every girl in this generation will reach her fullest potential.

Your Gift Helps Us:

  • Expand leadership opportunities for girls
  • Reach more girls, especially in underserved communities
  • Support local programs for local girls
  • Advance girls’ health, safety, and well-being
  • Bring 21st century training and technology to our council and volunteers