For Parents – Cookie Program

ICTL1_14We are ready for another GREAT COOKIE SEASON!
Last year, each girl sold an average of 216 packages. This year our Council goal is to sell more than 1,830,700 packages of cookies!

The Direct Sale: Cookies NOW! format allows girls to have cookie packages in-hand to sell door-to-door to family, friends and neighbors. Girls will exchange cookies and payment in one simple step! No more taking orders, waiting weeks and then returning to deliver and collect money. Cookies NOW! condenses all that work into one easy step. Last year, girls increased their sales on average 28%! The per girl average increased from 168 to 216 packages sold.
What are the benefits of Direct Sales?

  •  It’s less time consuming for Girl Scout families.
  •  It combines order taking and delivery into one step.
  •  It gives girls the opportunity to sell more cookies and
  • earn more proceeds for their scouting activities.
  •  It gives customers instant cookie gratification.

How many cookies will girls receive? Work with your Troop Leader to determine how many packages of each variety to pick-up initially. Consider how many you sold last year, (average was 216 packages per girl), your goal and how many packages you want to be responsible for at a time. Note: Cookies may not be returned to the Troop or the Council.
Remember, you can pick up additional cookies from your Troop Leader as you sell more. You will be expected to pay for at least 50% of the cookies you previously received before picking up more. Troops can pick up more cookies at the Cookie Cupboards. Will girls still use order cards? Yes. Girls will use order cards to:  Take a customer’s order when she doesn’t have the variety of cookies on-hand the customer wants.  Take orders at their  parents’ workplaces.  Track sales and use the information to contact
customers for reorders.

Please help your Girl Scout to:

  •  Introduce herself as a Girl Scout.
  •  Share her cookie sales goal with her customers.
  •  Name the varieties of cookies available.
  •  State that cookies sell for $3.50 per package.
  •  Be friendly and thank customers whether they buy cookies or not.
  •  Go door-to-door to sell to family, friends and neighbors.
  •  Use online tools, like email and text messaging to promote her sale.

SAFETY TIPS Girls should know:

  •  Always sell with an adult or buddy; it’s not just safe, it’s more fun!
  •  Use only your first name and never share your phone number or address.
  •  Never enter anyone’s home when selling cookies.
  •  Do not carry large sums of money. Frequently transfer money to an adult and keep money in a safe place.
  •  Be careful crossing streets and watch for cars in driveways.

“Help Your Girl Scout” Resources

It’s Girl Scout Cookie season. We’ve provided a host of materials to help you spread the word about the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Simply click on the image or download link, save them to your computer and print!

Give your Girl Scout a Scout Shout - click here

scout shouts 2013Let everyone know that you’re a proud Cookie Mom or Dad!
Girl Scout Shout Outs can be shared via social media or downloaded for printing. Post as a Facebook profile pic. Tweet it or print. The possibilities are endless! Find Shout Outs on flickr here
Sample Facebook Status Updates and Cover Images

Post to Facebook: 

  • It’s that time of year again! It’s Girl Scout cookie season and you won’t want to miss out on buying your favorites! Contact [insert adult contact info here] today to place your order!
  • On 1/31–It’s only 1 week until National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend. Have you reserved your cookies with a Girl Scout? Contact [insert adult contact info here] to order today!
  • When Girl Scouts sell cookies, they’re building a lifetime of skills and confidence. This video says it all. Check it out and share it! [Link to one of our videos]. And while you’re at it, place your order today!
  • On 2/7–It’s National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend. What’s your favorite cookie? Orders are still being taken! Contact [insert adult contact information] .
  • For when booth sales start: Going out & about this weekend? You may find Girl Scouts at [insert booth sale location here] selling cookies to fund [insert troop goal here]. Stop by and buy some cases today!
  • Girl Scouts learn a lot about decision making through their cookie businesses. Support a local Girl Scout’s goals by buying cookies today!
  • Money management is an important lifelong skill–and Girl Scouts learn it hands-on through their cookie businesses. Our troop has learned [insert what troop has learned about this skill here].
  • Trying to stick to your New Year’s resolution? How about supporting our troop’s Gift of Caring project by purchasing boxes of cookies to be donated to [insert national guard troop or other community organization here]? Contact [insert adult contact information here] today to learn more.

Cover Images for Facebook:

Click on the image you want to use. A larger image will open in a new window. Right click and save image to your computer.

Use signage to share your sale - click here

Promotional Signage / 8.5”x11″

Are your girls selling Girl Scout Cookies at a local office? Setting up shop outside the town grocery store? Promote the sale with these customizable signs!

Download Girl Scout Cookie Season is Here Sign »

Download Get Your Girl Scout Cookies Today Sign »

Cookie Cause Poster / 8.5”x11”

Will girls be donating Girl Scout Cookie boxes to a local cause? Tell customer about it and show how the team is making a difference this year. Indicate on the poster that you’re supporting a general Take Action project, not a specific organization, in keeping with Girl Scout money-earning guidelines. For example: “we’re providing meals for the homeless” or “we’re purchasing food for the animal shelter,” not “we’re donating to the Red Cross” or “we’re giving money to the Petco Animal fund.”
Download Poster »

Directional Sign / 8.5”x11”

Girls can direct customers to their cookie booth with these simple directional signs.
Download Sign »

Goal Posters / 8.5”x11”

Daily Goal Poster
Do girls have a daily cookie-box-selling goal? Help them track sales and observe progression with this handy chart!
Download Poster »

Seasonal Goal Chart
Girls can share their team’s seasonal goals with customers and track overall sales on this convenient chart. Girls fill in values to the left of the meter and color the gears showing their progress throughout the Girl Scout Cookie season.
Download Chart »

Thank-You Cards / 2-up, 4.25” x 5.5” folded

Girls can give a big “thank-you” to their cookie customers with these Avery-compatible cards—ready to print. Have girls fill out and include the cards with each cookie order as a show of appreciation. Compatible products: Avery 3268, 33379, 3379, 5315, 8315
Download Cards » 

Frequently Asked Questions - click here

What is the sale price for a package of cookies? Cookies are sold for $3.50 per package. Cookies can only be sold at this price which is set by our Council.

When do girls collect the payment for the cookies? With the Direct Sale format, girls will have cookies in-hand, and they will be selling,  delivering, and collecting payment all in one step. If girls don’t have cookies in-hand, they will take the customer’s cookie order and collect payment when the cookies are delivered. Do not leave cookies with customers without receiving payment.

Can a customer write a check for cookies? Girls should only take checks from people they know and checks should be made payable to their Troop. Girls should only accept checks with the customer’s name, address and phone number imprinted on the check. It’s a good idea to write the customer’s driver’s license number on the check and to not accept checks over $50.00.

Are cookie purchases tax deductible? Yes and no. Cookies purchased for personal or group consumption are not tax deductible. However, cookies purchased for our Cookie Share Program, where the customer does not receive the cookies or benefit directly by paying for the cookies, are tax deductible.

Does my daughter have to participate in the Cookie Sale? Participation in this activity is voluntary and requires written permission by a parent or guardian. The Cookie Sale is a way for girls to finance their Girl Scout activities and special projects. The Girl Scout Cookie Sale is not just about cookies. This annual activity offers a hands-on opportunity to learn entrepreneurial skills as part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. We find that most girls enjoy this activity and look forward to it each year.

What if a customer is not satisfied with the cookies? Contact the Girl Scout Office if a customer is not satisfied with the Girl Scout Cookies that they purchased.

Can I use Email, Text Messaging, and Social Networks to tell friends and family about the Cookie Sale? Girls can use email and age-appropriate Internet functions as marketing tools to let family, friends and former customers know about the sale and take cookie orders. Girls 13 and older may use social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter as long as they have parental permission and adult supervision. Under no circumstances can girls or their parents take money over the internet for the Girl Scout Cookie Sale through online sales sites such as eBay, Craigslist, or public Buy and Sell sites.

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