For Girls – Cookie Program

2N2K4564809Be a Goal Getter!
Success comes from having goals. When we set goals we are more likely to
achieve them. Setting goals can help you have your best Cookie Sale yet!
We have a perfect online tool for girls to set goals AND have fun!

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on COCO Cookie Command
  3. Click on Girl Login (use your 5-digit troop number when registering)
  4. Set your goals and track your progress.
  5. Enter the total number of packages you sold by March 9.

By participating in this part of the Cookie Sale Program, you will receive a Goal Getter Patch!

COCO lets girls:

  • Create a plan. Set goals. Track progress.
  • Build a custom Dashboard Page.
  • Use a message board to send cheers to girls in her Troop.
  • Send eCards to friends and family to tell them it’s cookie time and ask for their support. Customers can reply with their cookie request.

NOTE: With eCards, girls must still deliver the cookie orders to the customers and collect money from the customers. No money will be collected online and no cookies will be sent to customers from GSKH.

i-sell-girl-scout-cookies-pin-1-buttonTOP 10 TIPS for Girl Scouts

1. Be honest and fair. Wait until February 8 to start selling.
2. Use your order card! Ask the adults helping you sell parents, grandparents and others) to take the order card to work along with a note from you. Gather the orders and send cookies back the next
day with a thank you note. You can also use your order card if you run out of cookies to take orders.
3. Be proud! Wear your Girl Scout uniform or Girl Scout apparel.
4. Be cheerful and courteous. Thank people whether they buy or not.
5. Impress and inspire customers with information, not just about cookies, but about what the cookie sale makes possible. Tell customers your goals, such as “My goal is 300 boxes, so I can earn my own way to
Summer Camp!”
6. Practice selling to your family first. Getting those first cookie sales will build your confidence and help you feel more comfortable when selling to other people.
7. Overcome objections by offering options. For example, if someone doesn’t eat sweets you can suggest that they purchase Cookie Shares.
8. Find your list of last year’s customers to get repeat customers.
9. Promote Cranberry Citrus Crisp, Lemonades and Thanks-a-Lot cookies. Tell your customers how Girl Scouts has reduced the amount of packaging on these cookies and, as a result, are preventing 450 tons
worth of paperboard from being thrown away each year.
10. Ask local business owners to buy cookies to treat their employees.

Quick Links: 2014 Recognition Flyer  CoCo Goal Site