Volunteer Opportunities

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Troop Positions
Would you like to volunteer with a troop, a group of girls who meets regularly to learn skills, earn badges, celebrate traditions, and serve the community? A troop position is a great fit for a person who is looking to volunteer directly with a group of girls, can coordinate regular meetings with parents and families, and can commit to working with a Girl Scout troop on a regular basis, for six weeks to 12 months. Are you organized, energetic, and ready to help girls develop as leaders? Click here for more details.

Express Opps
If you think volunteering for Girl Scouts is a full-year commitment, think again! If you would like to get involved, but you’re unsure about your schedule or the best fit for you, we’ve got short-term, occasional, or one-time opportunities to lend a hand. You might find yourself checking in participants at a special event or sorting cookies at a Cookie Cupboard. Contact your closest regional office for the latest opportunities.

LEAD Team Positions
The LEAD team plans, organizes, and promotes activities and product sales for a geographic area. As a team, everyone works together to build Girl Scout opportunities! If you are great at planning fun events, coordinating with different team members, and want to see Girl Scouts growing and thriving near you, consider taking a role on the LEAD team. Click here for more details.

Support Roles and Committees
Perhaps you have a unique skill to share, or you’re looking for a regular, behind-the-scenes volunteer role. We have support volunteers who help keep Girl Scouts running! If you’re still not sure where you fit in, click here for some additional options.