Girl Scout Throwback: Hutchinson troop in 1955 ‘American Girl’ magazine

Two stacks of vintage “American Girl” magazines were dropped off at the Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland office in Wichita, and an article about a Girl Scout troop from Hutchinson was spotted in a January 1955 edition.American Girl 1-page-001

“The American Girl” magazine, different from today’s magazine bearing the same name, was a monthly magazine published between 1917 and 1979 by the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.

In its “All Over the Map: Headline News in Girl Scouting,” the January 1955 edition shares stories sent in by Girl Scouts across the country, including a story and photo of Hutchinson Troop 43’s trip to Colorado:

“For a long time, Hutchinson, Kansas, Scouts of Troop 43 had dreamed of camping in Colorado. They had practiced their skills for over two years. And they had watched the troop savings account grow (oh, so slowly) as they worked on special money-making projects for a big trip.

“Finally, with camping friends from the Wheatbelt Council, they saw their way to making a definite reservation for a week at Lawson Ranch, near Dillon in Colorado, where log cabins are used as headquarters. Then, the committee flew into action: a government committee worked out a set of safety rules; a menu committee planned every meal and entered it on a file card; luggage, campfire and other committees carried out careful planning jobs.

“At last, the great day came, and sixteen Seniors and their leaders set off, singing gaily, in a chartered school bus to Denver and beyond — to Lawson’s! Several of these city gals had never seen mountains before, and for all the Scouts the days on the beautiful mountain ranch were unforgettable. But the best was yet to come — a three-day primitive camping experience high in wilderness lake country.

“A jeep struggled ahead up the trail with equipment and food, and soon after went a long line of hikers, each carrying a tent pole as a walking stick. It was a rugged climb in the high altitude, through the aspens, through the towering pines, and finally to Surprise Lake, lying like a blue jewel at the foot of snow-touched mountains. Tents were soon pitched, and a primitive outdoor kitchen — complete with lashed table, crane, and aluminum-foil reflector oven — was established.

“The evening the school bus returned to Hutchinson, one week later, all the passengers helped unload and then joined hands for Taps, sad at parting after a wonderful week. There was deep satisfaction, though, from successful working and planning together, from the fun of turning wilderness into enjoyable living quarters, and from the prospect of more primitive camping ahead.”

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