How to Sell Girl Scout Cookies: The Mobile Cookie Booth & The Drive-Thru Cookie Booth

A mobile cookie booth is a fun alternative to the traditional cookie booth. Mobile cookie booths allow girls to set up a short-term, highly-visible booth in locations such as a small business’s parking lot. By turning a parent’s vehicle into a mobile cookie booth, Troops can easily move the location of their booth from business to business, thereby putting themselves in the best spot an optimal time to reach the most people.

To create a mobile cookie booth, your Troop will need to designate a vehicle or two to be used at the “booth”; the bigger the vehicle, the better. Minivans work great! Your Troop is encouraged to decorate the vehicle using car-safe paint, magnets and signs. Encourage the girls to go all out on the decoration as this will draw more attention to your vehicle! Feel free to attach balloons to your vehicle once it is in park to add a little extra to it.

Once your vehicle is ready, stock it with cookies, a small table, a money bag with change and Girl Scouts! Make sure that you have already received approval from the business owner to set up your mobile booth in their parking lot. Also, it is a good idea to place the mobile booth in an area that is not too busy with traffic, to avoid putting the girls in any danger. TIP: Don’t forget to take leftover cookies out of your vehicle once you are done to avoid melted cookies!

Also, the vehicle used for your Mobile Cookie Booth can pull double duty and be used for a Cookie Caravan. A Cookie Caravan is where a van of Girl Scouts drives to a neighborhood, the girls jump out and start knocking on doors and selling cookies. Once they are completed with their sales for that neighborhood, they get back into the van and ride to the next neighborhood.

Another take on the traditional Cookie Booth is the Drive-Thru Cookie Booth. This booth is set up in an area that allows potential customers to drive right up to the booth, purchase their cookies, and then drive away without ever having to get out of their vehicle. This style of booth is best executed in a half-circle driveway. Many Troops advertise this booth using flyers, similar to how a Garage Sale is advertised. By setting up in a well-traveled, easy-to-access location, Troops can find themselves reaching new customers with this type of Cookie Booth.

When scouting locations for your Troop’s Drive-Thru Cookie Booth, please keep in mind the location of the girls and cookies, as well as the flow of traffic. You will also want to make sure that the location can be used at your desired date and time by checking with the business owner or property manager. When setting up your booth, it is a good idea to use traffic cones or flags to direct traffic to your booth, while still keeping the vehicles at a safe distance from the cookies and girls. Don’t forget to make large, colorful posters to point your customers in the direction of your booth!

Mobile Cookie Booths and Drive-Thru Cookie Booths are a fun ways for girls to approach the Cookie Sale. For more information on the Girl Scout Cookie Sale, please visit our Cookies & More section.


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