How to sell Girl Scout Cookies: The Cookie Booth

Cookie Booth Sales are a terrific way for troops to sell Girl Scout Cookies in a retail environment to customers of a local store by setting up a booth.

Alyvia Holley and Kristina Gutierrez selling cookies at their first cookie booth

The Basics: What is a Cookie Booth?
Cookie Booths are essentially a table-top style, mini-Girl Scout Cookie store. The booth is run by 2-4 Girl Scouts and a minimum of 2 adult volunteers. Cookie Booths are found in public places that have good traffic flow. Some examples of Cookie Booth locations are: your local grocery store, church buildings, library or fast food restaurant. Booths are set up in high-traffic, but kid-friendly locations.

Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors may participate in Council Secured Cookie Booth Sales. Additionally, Daisies may participate in Troop Secured Booth Sales. All girls in a troop should be given the opportunity to participate as this is a group activity.

How to I determine where to set up a Cookie Booth?
The Council works on contacting popular businesses to secure locations. If the Council has been successful in securing a location, it will be listed on the Booth Scheduler – if it isn’t listed by this date, please feel free to contact the location for your troops. If you are unsure about whether the Council has contacted a business or not, please call or email us.

Troops securing their own Cookie Booth Sales will need to “request a new booth location” on the SNAP Booth Scheduler. Troops can begin making requests on SNAP. The Council will approve/disapprove booth requests daily. If the booth is approved, the booth will be scheduled to the troop.

What guidelines should I follow?
• Always check in with the manager on duty or point of contact before you set up.
• Always be respectful to the point of contact at your selling location.
• Please eat before you arrive as food and drinks may not be consumed at your booth sale location.
• Make sure that your booth location does not interfere with the store’s business activity, including its flow of customers.
• Don’t browse or shop while your booth sale is occurring.
• Girl Scout uniforms are recommended, as well as ensuring that overall attire is clean, with no holes or rips.
• Remember to SMILE and engage the customers by saying “Hello” and always say “Thank You” whether the customer buys cookies or not.
• Adults should never leave girls at the booth unattended.
• Siblings and friends should not be brought to the Cookie Booth sale.
• Booth sale shifts typically last two hours for older Girl Scouts, while younger girls do better with shifts closer to an hour in length.

Tips and advice from seasoned pros:
• The presentation of your Cookie Booth is very important. Feel free to encourage your Troop to create decorations for the booth such as table cloths, banners, signs, etc.
• The presentation of the cookies at the booth is also very important. Bundling different flavors (stacking them and securing with ribbon) and attaching cute cards that say “Chocolate Lovers” will encourage customers to buy two or three boxes that are bundled verses the one box they came over for.

For more detailed information on how to run a Cookie Booth, such as supplies needed and how many cookies your Troop should bring, please reference the Cookie Booth Guide.


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