How to determine how many cookies your Troop should order?

Before the Cookie Sale even starts, Troop leaders must make a very important decision: How many cookies they should order for their Troop. With the Direct Sale format in place, Troops know that once the cookies have been ordered, they become property of the Troop which means they are responsible for them.

To avoid Troops having to pay for more cookies then they can sell, we have compiled some tips.

The first tip is to make sure that you attend one of the Cookie Sale trainings offered in your area. During the training, a Product Sales staff member will distribute information regarding your Troop’s previous year’s sales. Leaders can use this information to determine if the amount they ordered last year was too many, too few or just the right amount. Training also provides a great opportunity for Leaders to speak with the Product Sales staff member in order to get answers to questions or discuss any concerns they might have.
In addition to Training, it is important for Troop Leaders to have a meeting with the Parents of the girls who are participating in the sale. Using a report stating how any cookies each girl sold the previous year, the Parent Meeting is the time to discuss the current year’s goal for each girl. This meeting is especially important for Troops of first year Daisies, in which the girls have never sold before. This is also a great meeting for Troops with new girls. During the Parent Meeting, it is important to have both parents and girls in attendance so that everyone is on the same page regarding the sale. Finally, the Parent Meeting is a great time to hand out the Family Guide and to have each parent sign a Parent Permission form.

For more information please contact your local product sales staff representative. You can find copies of the trainings on the For Volunteers – Cookie Program page.

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