Speak Up, Stand Out

Speak Up, Stand Out
For high school Girl Scouts and adult volunteers

Are you ready to make an impact on the ways Girl Scouting reaches your community? We are seeking passionate and committed Girl Scout members willing to take an active role in shaping Girl Scouting in Kansas.

The Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) will include Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts who provide girl voices and ideas for programs and policies. Girls will make presentations to younger girls about opportunities in Girl Scouting, and learn how to be positive representatives of the Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland everywhere they go! Stand out!

The Volunteer Advisory Committee (VAC) will share input to shape volunteer guidelines and resources, volunteer events, and training. Volunteers will trouble-shoot and problem-solve so that volunteer support services can be designed around volunteer needs. Speak up!

Together, the TAC & VAC will include members from all regions of the council, and will meet primarily by conference calls.

What’s in it for me?

Joining the TAC or the VAC is a chance for you to:

  • Have a positive impact on an organization that you love and care about!
  • Meet Girl Scout members from outside your home community.
  • Gain valuable experience on planning, policies, and managing outcomes – experience that might help with a job or college application!
  • Help bring new members in Girl Scouts by sharing your experiences with others.
  • Have fun!

I heard something about being a National Delegate…what’s that about?

GSKH is currently seeking applicants to represent the council at the 2014 Girl Scout National Council Session, to be held in October 2014 in Salt Lake City. Council delegates serve a three-year term and commit to attending the National Council Session. If you are a girl or volunteer interested in serving on the TAC or VAC, we think you’d probably be interested in serving as a delegate. In order to read more about the delegate position and complete the delegate application, please go here.

How much time will the TAC and VAC require of me?

Because committee members will be coming from all over Kansas, most of the TAC and VAC meetings will take place by conference call. The exact schedule and meeting times will be determined by committee members, but you will be expected to commit several hours each month for the committee meeting and any meeting preparation. As the committee focuses on different projects, such as Leadership Conference planning or reviewing volunteer resources, subcommittees may meet for a short-time. We ask that committee members be willing to commit to a one-year term (November 2013 to November 2014), though we certainly welcome Ambassador applicants graduating high school in 2014 to participate.

We will also be planning an annual retreat for TAC and VAC members to get together in person in the spring of 2014, where we’ll combine a business meeting and fun social event!

Why create these committees?

Council staff is responsible for overseeing opportunities for more than 12,000 girls and more than 4,000 adults who participate in Girl Scouting in different ways. We are constantly seeking member feedback, through meetings, surveys, and social media, so the TAC and the VAC are the next logical step. We want to create an opportunity for girls and adults, who are invested in the Girl Scout experience, to help us make that experience better!

Where do I sign up?

Click to apply for the VAC (volunteers) and the TAC (girls). VAC applicants must have a current (within 3 years) volunteer application and criminal background check on file. TAC applicants must be Senior or Ambassador Girl Scouts. All applicants must be currently registered members. The VAC and TAC will be limited to 6-8 members on each committee.

The application is a chance for you to share why you are interested in being a committee member, and how you believe you can contribute to the committee.

The first application deadline is Monday, November 18, 2014. We will begin reviewing applications after that date, and may continue to accept applications if there is still space.


Teens, contact Faith Martin at fmartin@gskh.org.

Volunteers, contact Holly Slawkowski at hslawkowski@gskh.org.


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