Cinco De Mayo at the Sedgwick County Zoo

Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland was present at the Cinco de Mayo activities at the Sedgwick County Zoo this on May 5, 2013,  thanks to a company sponsor – Villegas Farmers’ Insurance.  The event was packed with families of all heritages,  delicious Latin food, live Banda music, and lots of fun for all.


The fifth of May (5 de mayo) has become a popular celebration in the United States, and at times, it is believed to be the Mexican Independence Day, which it is not. Did you know that 5 de mayo is really more of a local celebration in Mexico and not a national celebration? In 1861, the French army tried to invade Mexico. On May 5th, 1862 in Puebla, Mexico, in spite of all logic, a much smaller and less equipped Mexican army triumphantly defeated the French army; this is called the Battle of Puebla.

In 1863, Cinco de Mayo, literally the Fifth of May, began to be celebrated in California to honor the valiant Mexican soldiers who gave their all for their country. This celebration rapidly spread throughout the United States to celebrate all things Mexican, and has also become a day for Hispanics in the United States to celebrate their roots. On 5 de mayo, the Battle of Puebla is celebrated on a local level in Puebla, Mexico where reenacting of the battle is performed yearly.

The true Mexican Independence Day is September 16th, 1810.

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