Girls Voice Their Opinions

Council-Wide Older Girl Focus Groups

This winter, Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland hosted four regional panels which included Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scouts from across the state of Kansas. In order to keep all Girl Scout activities girl-led, GSKH staff asked a series of questions including what activities girls like to participate in, what trips or awards girls are interested in, and what keeps girls in Girl Scouting. This was a place for Girl Scouts to come together and have their voices heard.

The overall theme from all four focus groups included mentoring younger Girl Scouts, travel, and older girl input for events and programming. GSKH staff was excited with the results and went to work planning more opportunities with the girl’s input in mind!

GSKH will be offering more mentoring opportunities at camp this summer, so be sure to check your Summer Activity Guide for more information on how older girls can volunteer or work at summer camp! Additional mentoring opportunities will be available next fall, as well as Older Girl Advisory Committees for future planning of activities and events.

Award & Scholarship Focus

Overall, many of the girls had earned their Silver Awards and were either working on or had completed their Gold Award. GSKH staff asked the girls how they would like to celebrate their achievements, giving them some examples of past Young Women of Distinction Ceremonies, as well as other trips or sleepovers conducted by other councils in order to recognize Gold Award and scholarship recipients.

While some girls would prefer a trip or formal ceremony, many of the girls stated that they would like to be recognized locally with their families. Many of the girls also stated that they would like additional recognition in the form of a plaque or other award.

It is important that the girls be recognized the way they feel is most suitable, in order for the girls to truly appreciate their distinguished honors from their years of Girl Scouting. With that being said, GSKH will send each Gold Award recipient a plaque and honorary cord to wear during commencement ceremonies at their high school in place of a council sponsored YWOD ceremony.

Thanks to these young women for their contribution, the council and future Girl Scouts appreciate your feedback.

What you are saying! One example of what you wanted the council to know at the Winter Older Girl Focus Groups:

>What are some of the things you do in Girl Scouting that you wouldn’t get to do anywhere else?

  • Travel opportunities.
  • You get to be silly and won’t get in trouble.
  • Have fun earning badges.
  • Going to unique camps.
  • Selling cookies to go to camp
  • Helping younger girls.
  • Visiting local museums
  • Community service opportunities


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