Earth Day: April 22, 2013 – How will you make a difference?

The It’s Your Planet—Love It! Leadership Journeys harmonize nicely with Earth Day projects like reducing waste and saving energy. These can be done year round!

Reduce Waste:
Brownies: Brownies can make reducing waste a focus of their WOW! Wonders of Water Journey. See pages 56–59 of the girls’ book and pages 70–74 of the adult guide.

Juniors: See the “Paper or Plastic” timeline starting on page 26 of the girls’ GET MOVING book, and the “Waste, Energy, and Wasted Energy” section starting on page 27. Girls can also “crochet” a reusable bag from plastic grocery bags after being inspired by the profile of “Recycle Cindy” on page 41 of the girls’ book.

Ambassadors: As part of the JUSTICE journey, girls can choose to “Do the Math” on page 44 (Step Two toward the Sage award) on water bottles or bags for one of their personal commitments to environmental justice.

Save Energy:
Juniors: Juniors can use this effort for the “Now, What Can You Do?” challenge (see pages 18–19 of the GET MOVING! girls’ book).

Cadettes: Cadettes can prepare for an Earth Hour effort by getting familiar with the information on electricity and air pollution on page 35 of the BREATHE girls’ book. They can also read about making electricity sustainable, in the “Feeling the Wind at Your Back” section that begins on page 91.

Girl Scouts of all ages can help Reno County Girl Scouts raise awareness about recycling, FIND OUT MORE HERE. 




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