Burlingame Girl Scouts Plant Trees at Home and in Reading

National Wildlife Federation (NWF) helped Kansas Girl Scouts get to the root of things during the 2013 Girl Scout Week celebrating the many ways trees help sustain local wildlife and enhance the environment. The annual Girl Scout Week observance coincided with National Wildlife Week, and into the spring, kids and youth will be planting 75,000 trees all across the U.S. – creating wildlife habitat and contributing towards NWF’s goal of reconnecting 10 million kids with nature in the next three years.

Burlingame Girl Scout troop 30139 took this opportunity to plant trees in their neighborhood. They see the value of what projects like this can do. They were part of a clean up in Reading, KS after an EF-3 tornado ravaged the township in may 2011. They spent time planting trees there in fall 2012 (see last photo).

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These Girl Scouts worked with the local Tree Board to plant trees in Reading.

(Below L-R: Emilie Thomas, Breanna Strohm, Mark Cole, Brianna Cole, Carolyn Strohmn, Larry Smith and Patti Gilbert)


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