A Wicked Trip to New York City

Thirty girls and adults traveled to New York City the first weekend of February for an amazing time! For some, this was the first time flying on plane, the first time to visit NYC , the first time staying in a hostel, and their first Broadway show! They spent time visiting some must-see places in NYC , like Times Square, the Empire State Building, the 911 memorial, and the Museum of Modern Art.

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The highlight of the trip was the Wicked workshop where they all had the opportunity to learn in a fun, interactive environment about the
Broadway musical. The Wicked story centers around a young woman who is born green and thus is an outsider. Her different appearance leads the people of Oz to misjudge and ostracize her. As the characters journey through Oz, they develop the courage to overcome stereotypes and realize the true meaning of friendship.

During the workshop two Kansas girls were part of the five chosen from 1,500 submissions to present their Wicked “for good” projects. Kala Pinkham, of Derby, and Avin Inlow, of Hays, proudly represented Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland with Kala being the overall winner! She won a backstage tour, and in true Girl Scout fashion invited Avin to join her on this behind the scenes experience. This was an amazing weekend, and Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland looks forward to offering this same trip next year.

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