Got Leftover Cookies?

There are just a few weeks left of the sale and many Troops are starting to collect returned cookies from parents who are done selling. What do you do if your Troop has leftover cookies? The Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland has come up with some great ways to get rid of those extra cookies.

  1. Put out an alert to Troops in your community that you have cookies available for them. This is a great time to team up at Troop meetings and to utilize any web tools that you have available such as Troop websites or Facebook groups.
  2. Post your message on the GSKH Cookie Swap Facebook 480816_187839388015981_1091635376_n age at This will allow Troops throughout the Kansas Heartland Council to respond to your notice. Remember to include what Community you’re in on the post.
  3. Make sure to communicate clearly with the parents in the Troop that the Troop still has cookies to sell and see who is available to help sell more.
  4. Schedule a Cookie Booth Sale. If your Troop hasn’t had a Booth Sale before, now is the perfect time to do so. Did you know that Troops generally sell 60-120 boxes in a two hour time slot at a Booth? There are two great weekends left to set up a table, sell some cookies and give your Girl Scouts an experience in selling Booth-style.
  5. Set up a Cookie Caravan with girls in your Troop. Grab a parent in your Troop who has an SUV or Van and decorate it up using car paint and magnets, fill the back part of the vehicle up with cookies and then load some Girl Scouts in the front. You can take this Cookie Caravan and go neighborhood to neighborhood and sell a lot of cookies in a short amount of time.
  6. Try out a Mobile Booth. Using the same vehicle styling as with the Cookie abcmobileboothCaravan, talk to local (appropriate) businesses about parking your vehicle in their lot and selling from it directly. This technique allows you to easily visit multiple businesses in one day, selling only for an hour or two at each stop (aim for their busy times!). Plus, your vehicle acts as a real eye catcher to potential customers.
  7. Encourage the girls in your Troop to use social media channels to promote the sale. Email, Facebook and even Twitter are great ways to get the word out that the Troop is still selling. This is also a great time for the girls to send out eCards via
  8. Create cookie bundles for an appealing new package. Put together Peanut Butter  abcbundlePatties, Thin Mints and Caramel deLites to create a “Chocolate Lovers” bundle. Or, pair Shortbreads with a box of Thin Mints and Caramel deLites for a “Timeless Classics” bundle. Other bundle ideas: “Freeze Well” bundle (Three boxes of Thin Mints in a Freezer Bag), “Café Companions Bundle” (Shortbreads, Lemonades and Thanks-A-Lot), “Patriotic Bundle” (Peanut Butter Patties and Shortbreads). Create tags that say “Thank You”, “Thinking of You”, or “I Love You” and give them away with a piece of ribbon when a customer buys any three boxes of cookies.
  9. Don’t forget about high-population areas such as apartment complexes, retirement homes and college dormitories. These are great areas to make quick sales!
  10. Go back and visit customers that purchased cookies at the beginning of the sale. Chances are good that they will appreciate a chance to restock. Don’t forget to remind them that our cookies store well in the freezer!

Got another great idea? Send it to and we will post your idea on Facebook!

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