Lexi Haynes, Shining Star

There Was Something Missing…Toys For Kids

It was a six-year-old Daisy Girl Scout from Wichita who noticed something was missing from the stacks of food and household donations at Eddy’s Toyota dealership. Every kid needs toys. Lexi’s plan started after her mother, Erin Haynes, took her to the dealership to donate bottled water. Haynes said she thought the trip would give Lexi a quick lesson in volunteering. But when Lexi didn’t see any toys among donations, she started asking questions.

Over the course of two weeks, Daisy Girl Scout Lexi encouraged others to bring in toys along with basic need items for those who have lost everything. She spoke to T.V. crews and newspapers; she even received a letter from her principal congratulating her on her efforts. One large donation of homemade “pillow pets” came in while Lexi stood post in front of a growing pile of boxes and bags. Margaret makes them for fun and only gives them away to those who would appreciate them. She said, “A child can take comfort from a donation like this. Lexi is doing a good thing and I am happy to help.”

You will find stories like this and more on the official Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland Blog by clicking here.

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