Jackie Vietti, Girl Scout Alumnae

How long were you a Girl Scout?

Seven years, from elementary school into middle school.

What did you learn from Girl Scouts that you have incorporated into your life today?
My scouting experience helped provide the foundation for my personal and professional philosophies -to treat all with whom I interact with dignity and respect; to assume that everyone we encounter has something of value to offer, whatever the goal or cause at hand; to always act with absolute integrity; and that most often far more can be accomplished when working with others than when working alone.

What is your definition of leadership? For me effective leadership encompasses the ability to build a shared vision that engages as many people and organizations as possible to act together in a bold and courageous manner to make the world a better place for all.

What tips do you have to become a successful leader? Research indicates that those who are fortunate enough to have good mentors become better leaders. The first piece of advice is to find a mentor that is a proven leader, not just in terms of what she/he has achieved, but also in terms of that individual’s personal character. Secondly, is to always be authentic and to act with absolute integrity. Lastly, surround yourself with positive people who have a shared passion for the work at hand and who are not afraid to be boundary bouncers.

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