Girl Scout Great – Brooke Ray

Brooke Ray

Girl Scout – Caney Ks

Troop 70189

Growing UP a Girl Scout

Brooke has a special message for her leader. She stood in front of hundreds to deliver this message at Girl Scouts Go Greensburg in April 2012.

I joined Girl Scouts in the third grade. I meet my leader, Connie, and she helped me a lot. I was shy and hardly spoke to anyone.  Connie spent time talking with me;  it was ok to say what I wanted to do and that I didn’t have to just do what everyone else wanted.

I learned to a lot that year and on adventures with my friends. Connie taught me how to put up a tent correctly, build a fire and cook over a fire, and no matter how many times she had to show me to do something she never yelled, she just showed me again until I got it right. I learned that I could do anything I wanted to, I just had to try.  I learned to be more confident in myself. Connie has taught me how a Girl Scout should act at all times is there for me whenever I may need her help.

Girl Scouting means a lot to me, because it has taught me to help others who may need help, how to respect others and myself, it also has taught to try to do things on my own before I ask for help. I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want to always be a Girl Scout.


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