Girl Scout Great – Amanda Chastain

Amanda Chastain

Girl Scout volunteer—Wichita, Kansas

Leading the way by volunteering

It was announced in June that Amanda won the 2012 Joan Orr Air Force Spouse of the Year Award. This outstanding award is sponsored by the Air Force Association and honors the late Mrs. Joan Orr, wife of former Secretary of the Air Force, Verne Orr.  The award recognizes the significant contributions made by non-military spouses of Air Force military members. She and her husband were recognized in Wichita at the Riverfest McConnell Air Force Base Military Salute and in September she will go to Washington D.C. to receive the award.

“This is probably the biggest honor I will ever receive. I am very humbled to be representing the strongest, most amazing women I have ever met, Air Force spouses.  Volunteering has always been a huge part of my life, from a very early age. Becoming a military spouse has given me unique opportunities to serve and support military spouses and their families through the Enlisted Spouses Club, Key Spouse program, church, and Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland. Military families are where my heart lies now…and receiving this award helps me know that I am actually making a difference in the military community (and civilian community) where we are stationed. And THAT means the world to me.”


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