Facilitating Adult Learning Course – How To Lead Other Volunteers

Welcome to our Facilitating Adult Learning Course, the first step for new GSKH Facilitators to learn and reflect on the skills it takes to reach adult learners. In this home-study course, you will view 6 brief presentations on different topics, and then take a short online assessment. (This course has been adapted from the Effectively Facilitating Adult Learning course developed by GSUSA).

The assessment includes basic overview questions about what you learned from this training and how you would like to continue developing your facilitation skills. We recommend keeping notes for yourself of the information most relevant to you as you go through the training, though you can also come back and review the training at any time.

Module I: Introduction
• What is a facilitator?
• Understanding Learning Objectives
• The Value of Reflection


Advance through the modules by clicking on the next page. You can always select the “full screen” option in the lower right hand corner to see a larger video screen.



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