Houston…We Have Girl Scouts! National Convention in the Words of a Kansas Volunteer

What a great week in Houston! The 2011 GSUSA National Council Session and 52nd Convention really lived up to its theme, “Renewing the Promise: Girl Scouts in a New Century.” As a first-time delegate and a first-time convention attendee, I wasn’t entirely certain what to expect once I arrived in Houston. I felt well-prepared as a delegate thanks to our GSKH conference calls and GSUSA webinars, but I discovered there was much more to this event than business meetings!

Prior to the official opening of convention, we had the option to attend numerous workshops as part of Girl Scout University. I selected four sessions from the “I Love Girl Scouting” track, learning about everything from organizing a flash mob to recruiting volunteers in the 21st century. Three “Conversations of Consequence”, panel discussions incorporated into the convention schedule, focused on current issues facing girls and Girl Scouting. Older girls, whether delegates or visitors, also had the opportunity to participate in the Girl Scout Leadership Institute. Then there was the Hall of Exhibits, a 100th Anniversary party for the adults and another one for the older girls, and a little social time with our GSKH group. It was a busy five days!

The convention’s four general sessions were an amazing combination of entertainment, music, and inspiration that appealed to adults and older girls alike. Keynote speakers included Katie Couric at the opening session and Robin Roberts at the closing session. Other general sessions included presentations by the 2011 National Young Women of Distinction, the kickoff of the 100th Anniversary and Year of the Girl, a presentation from Girl Scout Leadership Institute participants, and an older girl panel discussion on “What if Girls Ran the World.”

And yes, the business of the National Council did get done, too! Results of the business meetings included approving one proposal (annual council service fee), rejecting one proposal (timing of election of National Council delegates), and referring one proposal to committee (rolling membership); election and installation of the national board and the new CEO of GSUSA, Anna Maria Chavez; approval of the stewardship report; and a discussion concerning funding Girl Scouting into the next century.

The next National Council Session and 53rd Convention will be in Salt Lake City in 2014. Put it on your calendar now – see you there!

Cathy Rodgers

Leader, Troop #41066
Secretary & Membership Manager, Wichita East SU
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